Vocal Coaching 

With over 15 years of professional performing

and teaching experience, Nicole is able to fine

tune her instruction to cater to the specific and 

individual needs of each performer.  Whether 

in classical, pop, jazz, or musical theater, Nicole's 

expertise in vocal pedagogy and background in 

Traditional Chinese Medicine bring together
the beautiful mind-body connection of sound

production. Her experience in the public sector as

well as an Orff Schulwerk practitioner make her an

ideal teacher for all age groups to ensure a fun,

engaging, and effective learning experience. 


Professional Development

Nicole also offers classes/workshops for those individuals looking to improve their public speaking.  Whether in front of a classroom, boardroom, or in the comfort of your own living room, learning to use your voice as an effective, communicative tool determines largely how we are perceived in life.  Learning proper vocal techniques to speak calmly, easily, and assertively can help you to avoid the day-to-day workload that vocal fatigue presents.  Be at ease with yourself and build your self-confidence by finding your own, individual, unique voice.  Speak without fear.  If you have ever suffered from any vocal hindrances, hoarseness, sore throat, dry mouth, polyps, vocal nodules, or dysphonia, there is relief.  Recommended for teachers, coaches, actors, performers, sales/marketing executives, or anyone who feels the strain from voice overuse.




Private Instruction

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